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gebioMized PUSH – The cycling insole

Developed by bike fitters: gebioMized PUSH is the modern solution for more comfort, more stability, and more powerin cycling shoes. Available in three different versions and 5 sizes, the semi-custom insole offers the right solution for all cyclists.

Worldtour Approved

With PUSH, gebioMized is the official partner of internationally successful cycling teams such as INEOS GRENADIERS, AG2R CITROËN and Team VORARLBERG , which has enabled us to push many a pro rider to victory.

What gebioMized’s PUSH is capable of

Nahaufnahme PUSH Radschuh-Einlage

More stability

With three different arch heights, we find the perfect solution for your foot to stabilise your foot and knee joint during your ride.

More power

Due to an improved pressure distribution in the cycling shoe and the support of the arch, your power can be transmitted ideally and leads to an ideal power transfer.

More comfort

The biomechanical shape of our insole increases the comfort level in the shoe, even on long rides. In addition, we recommend the PUSH thermal process to ensure a perfect fit to your foot.

Less pressure

Through the focused support of the footbed and arch, pressure peaks can be reduced, and the pressure is distributed more evenly in the shoe.

How gebioMized’s PUSH works

The semi-custom insole is the perfect upgrade for optimizing the contact point between foot and pedal. Thanks to gebioMized’s pressure measurement in the cycling shoe, bike fitters can literally see where the shoe asserts pressure and take remedial action with gebioMized PUSH. Thus, it can have the same effect as an individually manufactured custom insole for most people.

Anpassung PUSH Radschuh-Einlage
years of development

measurement data

That's why we developed gebioMized PUSH cycling insoles

We went from saddle to shoe: using the experience and knowledge of many years in the production of custom-made bicycle saddles, we developed the gebioMized saddle line a few years ago.
Motivated by the enormous success of these saddles, the great feedback from our customers and victories in some of the most important bike races and triathlon events in the world, we knew: What works with saddles, is also doable with shoes!
So, we used our experience and knowledge from many years of making custom insoles for cycling shoes to develop gebioMized PUSH. A highly adaptable semi-custom insole, developed and manufactured in Germany.
Gespräch PUSH Radschuh-Einlage
built custom insoles

Made in Germany

That's why you need gebioMized PUSH cycling insoles

It doesn’t matter whether you are a bike commuter, an amateur cyclist or a professional athlete at the Tour de France or the Ironman World Championships: gebioMized PUSH is the answer for every cyclist who is looking for more comfort, more stability and more performance.
Maßnehmen PUSH Radschuh-Einlage


The way to the right PUSH insole

gebioMized PUSH was not only developed using our cycling shoe pressure measurement data, i.e., the technical support that many bike fitters as well as more and more bike shops use to determine the perfect insole to fit the foot.
As an additional aid, we also developed our Sole Selector software that helps to find the right PUSH size and version quickly and easily. A handy tool for retailers and bike fitters that also works independently of the foot pressure measurement tool.

Nahaufnahme Teil einer PUSH Radschuh-Einlage

The modern semi-custom insole is available at more and more bike fitters and bike dealers. And, of course, in our exclusive gebioMized concept-labs at eight locations in Germany.

You are a bike fitter or bike dealer, and you would like to offer gebioMized PUSH to your customers? Go here to get all information you’ll need to do so.

Where you get gebioMized PUSH


You are a bike fitter or bike dealer, and you would like to offer gebioMized PUSH to your customers?

Feel free to contact us:

PUSH gebioMized Ansprechperson

What the gebioMized PUSH athletes say

Ich vertraue seit mehreren Jahren im Radschuh auf die Push-Einlagen und will nicht mehr darauf verzichten. Auf meinen Fuß angepasst, ermöglichen sie mir bessere Kraftübertragung und einen besseren Halt im Schuh.

Florian Angert

Florian Angert

Triathlet und Mitglied des Tri-Teams Heuchelberg

I am very happy with the push insoles. Other manufacturers also make good insoles, but with those I can help maybe 20% of my clients. With the Push insoles, I can offer a solution to all of them.

Dr. Borut Fonda

Dr. Borut Fonda

I like the flexibility of 3 different arch heights and the more pronounced longitudinal arch compared to other insoles. This brings our athletes a significant improvement in stability and performance.

Jonas Kraienhorst

Jonas Kraienhorst

My PUSH insoles are playing a decisive role for my performance on the bike. They help me transferring my power to the pedal and stabilising the movement of my legs. So they not only make me faster, but also prevent injuries.

Anne Haug

Anne Haug

Die Einlagen unterstützen mein etwas zu flaches Fußgewölbe. Dadurch habe ich eine bessere Beinachse beim Treten und damit hoffentlich weniger Beschwerden in Knie und Hüfte.

Martin Schulz

Martin Schulz